Save Our Waterfront is an organization comprised of individuals who live, work and worship in the North Camden neighborhood of Camden, New Jersey. Founded in 1992, SOW grew out of the community’s opposition to the New Jersey Department of Corrections’ plan to build a second prison in North Camden. SOW successfully dissuaded the NJDOC from constructing the second prison. The group serves as a coherent voice for the North Camden community and is responsible for coordinating the creation and implementation of the original North Camden Plan adopted in 1993.

In 2006, Save Our Waterfront began updating that plan to reflect the reuse potential of North Camden’s waterfront based on the premise that the Riverfront State Prison would be closing. The updated plan, completed in 2009, represents the community’s evolving hopes and priorities for the future and provides an updated long-range vision for North Camden. Save Our Waterfront is committed to the implementation of the North Camden Neighborhood Plan. To that end, SOW hosts a monthly stakeholder meeting to continue to harness the community’s interests and momentum and has created several subcommittees to address elements of neighborhood revitalization.

North Camden is located on the north side of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, just north of downtown Camden and across the Delaware River from Center City Philadelphia. From North Camden there are beautiful views of Philadelphia’s skyline and the neighborhood has the advantage of being surrounded on three sides by the Delaware and Cooper Rivers. The 0.59 square mile neighborhood is home to 6,528 residents.